A Green and Efficient Water Treatment Solution!


TOTAL SAVINGS= $1,200/year



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No Salts. No Chemicals. No Magnetic Coils.

HydroCare is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of hard water. One patented unit transmits a unique radio frequency signal that effectively breaks up existing limescale that clogs in pipes, showers and appliances. It will prevent any future buildup protecting the entire plumbing system and increasing efficiency. The electric field is generated through the entire plumbing system and all water appliances.


The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has selected HydroCare as the provider of Limescale Prevention in the New American Home. HydroCare has met all NAHB Green Building Energy Guidelines and was recently featured in the official showcase of the most innovative energy efficient technologies at the International Builder's Show in Orlando in January 2011.